Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kings & Queens RR Altered Book 2

This is the second spread I did. This one came to
me at the last minute. Kept thinking I wanted to
do something a little different. I had actually thought of
doing another queen spread, then I thought "King of the Road"!
Roger Miller!
There is a very interesting bio on the net, by his wife. I read
every bit of it. Got the lyrics and had way too much stuff for
two pages. So I added a page in between the spread.

Lots of stamps, and ink. This is one of my favorite spreads
in this RR. I think it's because of the subject. He always made
me smile with his music and his wit.

People who knew him said he was a musical genius, and I
believe it.

Hope Dee likes her pages.

Kings & Queens RR Altered Book

This is the first set of pages in this book.
Queens? Beauty Queens! There's some
great information and photos out there
about the Miss America pageant. Lots
of history and after I was done with this
layout, I wish I had included more of it.
But, I didn't, just some of the winners
over the years.
The background is done in quoache, then
dry brushed with iridescent red. I stamped
it with my swirl stamps to give the background
some punch.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday 4x4 Challenge

With an Asian theme, I couldn't resist.
The challenge is here: 4x4 Friday
This is Josh paper, & an image I stamped on Origami
paper, colored in then cut-out. I stamped the
background with three different stamps, then glued
the coin charms to the piece.
I like it. Thinking it would look nice in a small frame,
mounted on some red matte board with black trim.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Chunky Book Page

Here it is! Not much, but it really is.
Theres, lots of bee's wax holding those flowers and
the leaf down.
Paper lace! OMG! I found something new to love
about paper. This stuff is so fun. I found it in colors
at the scrapbook store. Those gals think I'm crazy,
because I shop in there and never do any scrapbooking.

The back of the page is striped, this is double sided card
stock. It's stamped and has a small coin shaker on it.
This is going out in the mail tomorrow.