Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lisa's AB RR Spreads

This has been a challenging subject for me. Not because of the birds,
but because I wasn't sure if I should do just birds. Then, I'm a bird
lover and watcher. I sit at my computer and watch the birds come
to the feeders just outside the window. Some days all the birds will
leave and a Sparrow Hawk comes and sitson my porch rail, looking
for them.
We have woodpeckers, and many different varieties of local birds,
all winter long.
Spring and summer brings even more species and some beautiful
colors. Right now it's mostly the finches. Many different types
come to feed. We have three feeders and some suet feeders too.

The book is named "Birds of a Feather". So birds it is.

The first spread I did was painted, stamped & embossed on
canvas pad sheets. I had some fun with this spread. A friend
shared her bird children find with me and I knew I would
use them for this spread.
The second one is just an idea that came to me. I drew it out,
first then put the process in motion. Each leaf is cut out with
two types of scissors and stamped with three different colors.
Putting the spread together was what I enjoyed that the most.

It's a good experience and one I won't forget any time soon.