Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kings & Queens RR Altered Book 2

This is the second spread I did. This one came to
me at the last minute. Kept thinking I wanted to
do something a little different. I had actually thought of
doing another queen spread, then I thought "King of the Road"!
Roger Miller!
There is a very interesting bio on the net, by his wife. I read
every bit of it. Got the lyrics and had way too much stuff for
two pages. So I added a page in between the spread.

Lots of stamps, and ink. This is one of my favorite spreads
in this RR. I think it's because of the subject. He always made
me smile with his music and his wit.

People who knew him said he was a musical genius, and I
believe it.

Hope Dee likes her pages.

Kings & Queens RR Altered Book

This is the first set of pages in this book.
Queens? Beauty Queens! There's some
great information and photos out there
about the Miss America pageant. Lots
of history and after I was done with this
layout, I wish I had included more of it.
But, I didn't, just some of the winners
over the years.
The background is done in quoache, then
dry brushed with iridescent red. I stamped
it with my swirl stamps to give the background
some punch.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday 4x4 Challenge

With an Asian theme, I couldn't resist.
The challenge is here: 4x4 Friday
This is Josh paper, & an image I stamped on Origami
paper, colored in then cut-out. I stamped the
background with three different stamps, then glued
the coin charms to the piece.
I like it. Thinking it would look nice in a small frame,
mounted on some red matte board with black trim.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Chunky Book Page

Here it is! Not much, but it really is.
Theres, lots of bee's wax holding those flowers and
the leaf down.
Paper lace! OMG! I found something new to love
about paper. This stuff is so fun. I found it in colors
at the scrapbook store. Those gals think I'm crazy,
because I shop in there and never do any scrapbooking.

The back of the page is striped, this is double sided card
stock. It's stamped and has a small coin shaker on it.
This is going out in the mail tomorrow.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tiffany's First Fatbook page

Tiffany is my 12 year old granddaughter. Both my granddaughters
are artistic. I started letting them paint with me when they were
very young. They loved it.
Krista, the 15 year old, wore lots of paint, while Tiffany was a little
neat-nik. She would wipe her hands dozens of times while painting.

Both the girls started doing some scrapbooking a few years back
and loved it. Then Krista started doing ATCs with me. Tiffany
wanted in but at 9, I thought she was still too young to concentrate
on what we were doing. I was wrong.
She made ATCs all on her own.

Recently, she was watching her mom make some fatbook/chunky
book pages for a swap on my yahoo group, Altered_stART, and
decided to make an ABC fatbook. This is Tiff's first page. She did
this with help from no one.
The little plastic bubble over the button is a "googley eye".
She took it apart to get the desired effect she wanted. She also
took the time to look up the word 'Art' in a Spanish/English
dictionary, so she could add other elements to her piece.

I'm very proud of all my girls. Julie (dd), Krista and Tiffany,
you make me so proud with your artistic abilities and the way
you use them.

Monday, March 10, 2008

RR Spreads for Kim

Marie Antoinette! What an interesting woman. I find her very intriguing.
She was smart in many ways, yet she was a bit flighty.

Kim chose her as the subject for her altered book. Thank you Kim,
I am much better informed of the French Revolution that I was when
I read a Tale of Two Cities in High School. No history teacher ever
gave us this much background on Marie.

You see, Kim's book, the original, is about Marie Antoinette.
I read all the pages that weren't already arted up. And when I went
on line to find out more about her and to get some images, I really
found some interesting information.

These two spreads were enjoyable to do.
'Feather Head' is actually the title to one of the chapters in the book.
Evidently you could Marie something she needed to do, that was
quite important and she would agree whole heartedly, then once
she was out of the room, she forgot or just went about her business
like the conversation never happened. Then when she was in
trouble for not taking care of her Queenly duties, she would barter
and whine until she got her way. Which she did, more times than

Hope you like these, Kim.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rita's AB pages

This book was so intimidating! There is so much
wonderful art in it and all the good bad girls are
taken. :) Had these great pin-up girls from the
40s and used them. They seemed to fit the stamp
I wanted to use for this spread. Hope Rita likes it.
I know she's going to love her book when she gets
it back. Its just about full. There's enough pages
left for the rest of the group to do one spread.
Have fun with it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Corsets for a Swap

Finished these yesterday. What a lot of fun they are to do.
Who would have thought? Once I started making them, I
went all over the studio looking for things to add to them.
These are for my group, Altered_stART .

The first set here are the B&W one done with scrapbook
cardstock. I put netting over the b&w side, with a "leather"
inset. The back is faux leather paper with the b&w inset.
The Mauve & Gold one is also sb paper and has an inset of
the paper I used for the back. The pearls are from a necklace
I found in a bag of old jewelry at the secondhand store.

Second set, Brown SB paper with some lace trim someone
sent me. Love this little trim. The "buttons" are fingernail
decorations I've had for years.
The pink corset is decorative vellum over pink Bazzil paper.
Then trimmed with some rickrack someone sent me and some
fringe from someone else.

If you get a chance to do ephemera swaps with people,
jump at it. I've gotten some really great items from people
who just didn't want them anymore.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lisa's AB RR Spreads

This has been a challenging subject for me. Not because of the birds,
but because I wasn't sure if I should do just birds. Then, I'm a bird
lover and watcher. I sit at my computer and watch the birds come
to the feeders just outside the window. Some days all the birds will
leave and a Sparrow Hawk comes and sitson my porch rail, looking
for them.
We have woodpeckers, and many different varieties of local birds,
all winter long.
Spring and summer brings even more species and some beautiful
colors. Right now it's mostly the finches. Many different types
come to feed. We have three feeders and some suet feeders too.

The book is named "Birds of a Feather". So birds it is.

The first spread I did was painted, stamped & embossed on
canvas pad sheets. I had some fun with this spread. A friend
shared her bird children find with me and I knew I would
use them for this spread.
The second one is just an idea that came to me. I drew it out,
first then put the process in motion. Each leaf is cut out with
two types of scissors and stamped with three different colors.
Putting the spread together was what I enjoyed that the most.

It's a good experience and one I won't forget any time soon.