Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tiffany's First Fatbook page

Tiffany is my 12 year old granddaughter. Both my granddaughters
are artistic. I started letting them paint with me when they were
very young. They loved it.
Krista, the 15 year old, wore lots of paint, while Tiffany was a little
neat-nik. She would wipe her hands dozens of times while painting.

Both the girls started doing some scrapbooking a few years back
and loved it. Then Krista started doing ATCs with me. Tiffany
wanted in but at 9, I thought she was still too young to concentrate
on what we were doing. I was wrong.
She made ATCs all on her own.

Recently, she was watching her mom make some fatbook/chunky
book pages for a swap on my yahoo group, Altered_stART, and
decided to make an ABC fatbook. This is Tiff's first page. She did
this with help from no one.
The little plastic bubble over the button is a "googley eye".
She took it apart to get the desired effect she wanted. She also
took the time to look up the word 'Art' in a Spanish/English
dictionary, so she could add other elements to her piece.

I'm very proud of all my girls. Julie (dd), Krista and Tiffany,
you make me so proud with your artistic abilities and the way
you use them.

Monday, March 10, 2008

RR Spreads for Kim

Marie Antoinette! What an interesting woman. I find her very intriguing.
She was smart in many ways, yet she was a bit flighty.

Kim chose her as the subject for her altered book. Thank you Kim,
I am much better informed of the French Revolution that I was when
I read a Tale of Two Cities in High School. No history teacher ever
gave us this much background on Marie.

You see, Kim's book, the original, is about Marie Antoinette.
I read all the pages that weren't already arted up. And when I went
on line to find out more about her and to get some images, I really
found some interesting information.

These two spreads were enjoyable to do.
'Feather Head' is actually the title to one of the chapters in the book.
Evidently you could Marie something she needed to do, that was
quite important and she would agree whole heartedly, then once
she was out of the room, she forgot or just went about her business
like the conversation never happened. Then when she was in
trouble for not taking care of her Queenly duties, she would barter
and whine until she got her way. Which she did, more times than

Hope you like these, Kim.