Monday, September 17, 2007

Look at my Pretty!

After nine long years to rebuild, our motorcycles are finally done.
This one is mine. Isn't she sweet? 1989 Heritage Softail, by Harley Davidson.
This was the first time it was ridden in all that time. I'm so excited to have my bike back. I designed the paint job myself. Didn't want the run of the mill layout. When the saddle bags are on, it will look even better.
Now I have to hope for the weather to stay dry enough to get some riding time before they have to be put away for the winter.

Just had to share my excitement.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall is arriving!

Unfortunately, I can feel it in the air. Crisp clean smell of the air always tells me it's almost here.
I actually like Fall, just hate to see Summer go. If we could have two seasons these two would be the ones I would chose.
We really had a lousy Summer. Not as many nice days as we would have liked. And then it got real hot for a short period of time and all the natives started complaining about the heat. Good grief!! Can you tell I'm not one of the natives?
Motorcycle riding season will be gone very soon. I'm so sad. My bike never made it out of the shop for the season. It was being rebuilt after being in a fire. And because it's so old, '89, the parts are hard to come by. They thought it was ready yesterday and come to find out the new starter relay switch they got is bad. So now we wait for another one. I've had my hopes set on riding all Summer. It's been 9 years since the fire and with two bikes to rebuild, we had to take our time, financially. So my husband's is done and ready to go. I haven't even seen mine since the tin was painted and they put it back together. Can't wait to see it and get a picture of it to share.

Been working on some art for the last week or so. That and slowly getting things together in the trailer. Oh yeah and running off to garage sales with my friend Dee. Who calls someone at 7:30 am on a Saturday to tell them there's a sale and it's all rubber stamping stuff? My friend Dee! I didn't even hestitate, I rolled out of bed and got ready to go. We got some great buys! If we had had the room, I think we both may have boughten the stamp shelves they had for sale. No place to put them. So you know, we didn't just go to the garage sale, don't you?
We went to a stamp store and we went to a store where Dee introduced me to Brighton Purses. My friend Dee is a self proclaimed "Purse Snob". So now I own a Brighton. A small one, but a cool little Brighton purse. And this purse thing all started because we went to the Salvation Army Store and found a Coach purse and a couple of Dooney & Bourke purses. So I'm a new purse snob, I guess.

Back to my art. I made some tags for a swap on one group, a 4x4 for my group and 4 atcs for my group. All of them are Halloween. I love Halloween.

Here's the 4x4
Here's the front and back of the tags.

Can hardly wait to see what this tag book looks like. It should be fantastic.

I've also been working on an altered book for my very first RR. It's a local group and only 9 of us. But I'm a bit intimidated by the whole thing. I've got my inside front covered, and my sign in pages and tags. Mine theme is Travel- Back in time. I wanted to have a book on vintage traveling. It always seemed so romantic to me. Visiting far off places by boat or train. I'll post some pictures when I get my part finished.
I have way too many things I need to get done in a short period of time. So guess I better get started.....................

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Trailer

Most of the weekend, starting on Thursday, was spent cleaning out the trailer my mom used to live in. It was a grueling job, but had to be done. It's clean and it smells pretty good, considering she smoked in it for 6 years.
In the coming days I will be moving my studio out of our family room and into the trailer.
This could be pretty funny if one could actually see all the stuff I plan on moving into the trailer. But it has lots of storage and I can work uninterrupted out there, if I so please.

I have some pictures of the inside and outside. Inside pix are 'before' pix and the outside one is of how it has looked for about 2 months. I have flowers out there and a chair around the porch area.
As I move in, I'll try to show more pictures. Just hope my muse is ready to help me be as creative as I've ever been. Because I'm going to need all the help I can get.