Monday, March 10, 2008

RR Spreads for Kim

Marie Antoinette! What an interesting woman. I find her very intriguing.
She was smart in many ways, yet she was a bit flighty.

Kim chose her as the subject for her altered book. Thank you Kim,
I am much better informed of the French Revolution that I was when
I read a Tale of Two Cities in High School. No history teacher ever
gave us this much background on Marie.

You see, Kim's book, the original, is about Marie Antoinette.
I read all the pages that weren't already arted up. And when I went
on line to find out more about her and to get some images, I really
found some interesting information.

These two spreads were enjoyable to do.
'Feather Head' is actually the title to one of the chapters in the book.
Evidently you could Marie something she needed to do, that was
quite important and she would agree whole heartedly, then once
she was out of the room, she forgot or just went about her business
like the conversation never happened. Then when she was in
trouble for not taking care of her Queenly duties, she would barter
and whine until she got her way. Which she did, more times than

Hope you like these, Kim.


Jillian said...

I like the pages you did for Kim's book! They look great.

You should google Anne Bonny and read about her. She was one of the most notorious female pirates. It's fascinating!

Cindy said...

Such fun pages, Francine! I'm sure Kim will love them.

mary schweitzer said...

These are just..elegant is the only word I can think of! Perfect for the subject!
You asked on my blog about the clay, it is just like sculpey. I got it at Hobby Lobby.

Anneke said...

very beautiful pages