Monday, September 17, 2007

Look at my Pretty!

After nine long years to rebuild, our motorcycles are finally done.
This one is mine. Isn't she sweet? 1989 Heritage Softail, by Harley Davidson.
This was the first time it was ridden in all that time. I'm so excited to have my bike back. I designed the paint job myself. Didn't want the run of the mill layout. When the saddle bags are on, it will look even better.
Now I have to hope for the weather to stay dry enough to get some riding time before they have to be put away for the winter.

Just had to share my excitement.


Shellrm said...

Ride it to the SBP Saturday! ;) Just throw your stampin' stuff in the saddle bags and come on up! ;)

Dragonlady said...

YEAHHHHHH, so glad you got your bike back...and it looks so pretty, I love the color...Hope you got to ride a bit and hope you get to ride a lot before winter...

Jillian said...

I want one!! :)

Jodi said...

Awesome, Francine!! You're going to have a ball! I hope that there are lots of warm, mild fall days left for you to get some riding time in!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Francine, she looks awesome! We are supposed to get a couple of nice days next week...something to look forward to =o)

gina said...

That is my learn to ride and own my own bike!

Anonymous said...

Oh! this is How one get to talk to you???? Why don't you and hubby get on those Machines and get your butt;s down here so again we can see you????!
I think that you can talk to me couldn't you ?
I think that you have my address don't you?


P.S. Miss you !!!!!!!